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              Chemicals>>Inorganic>>Potassium Nitrite

              Potassium Nitrite

              Molecular formula: KNO2
              Molecular Weight: 85.11
              White or light yellow crystalline columnar turbot. Easy to deliquescence,
              Soluble in ammonia and water, aqueous solution was alkaline. Slightly soluble in alcohol, not the solution in acetone. At 350. C decomposition begin to generate potassium and release nitric oxide gas. Asia potassium nitrate as oxidant, toxic! With organic matter. Contact with combustible mixture to combustion and explosion, and release toxic and irritating the peroxy nitrogen and nitric oxide gas. Mixed with iron salts or cyanide explode.
              IMDG code GB5.1 category classification and 5107.

              Used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis. Food reagent, chemical reagent, can also be used in the manufacture of aniline dyes and azo dyes, medicine, metallurgy on drilling for nickel separation.
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